Incorporate Pureauty Naturals' Exfoliating Facial Scrub into your daily routine for radiant and glowing skin!
  • FACE SCRUBBER FOR WOMEN AND MEN - Designed as a face exfoliator, our exfoliating facial scrub helps cleaner soap remove toxins, dirt & impurities from your pores to make your face glow. This facial exfoliating scrub also works as a body exfoliator scrub & bikini exfoliating scrub.
  • POWERFUL INGREDIENTS FOR POWERFUL RESULTS - Our face exfoliator scrub is packed with Kaolin, Castor Oil, Coconut Fruit Extract. This facial scrubber for men & women helps draw out impurities and toxins from clogged pores while simultaneously hydrating your skin.
  • THE PERFECT FACIAL EXFOLIATING SCRUB FOR MEN & WOMEN - The unique granules of this facial scrub provide gentle exfoliation of your pores. This body scrub exfoliator is design to work as a face wash scrub as well. It serves as a mens facial scrub & womens facial scrub.
  • ACNE SCRUB & BLACKHEAD SCRUB: This exfoliating facial scrub is designed for both men & women with sensitive skin. Free from alcohols, parabens and sulfates, this face exfoliating scrub helps reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • ANIMAL-FRIENDLY, MADE IN THE USA - When you order a beauty product from Pureauty Naturals, you're getting top quality product that was made in the USA, in a GMP certified facility. At Pureauty Naturals, we take pride in our beauty products and customer service.