How to stay calm during self quarantine

We know that the past few weeks have been very confusing, alarming, and stressful to all of us. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. And at this moment, following the precautions mentioned by is very crucial. And coping up with stress is equally vital. It will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. If you are still in a state of panic, allow us to give you a list of activities you can do to help cope up with the stress.

1. Exercise:

People always say that exercise is a stress buster. Be it swimming, dancing, going to the gym; any such physical activity will help you stay fit (of course) as well as help you divert your mind from stressful thoughts. Now that most of the world is in quarantine, try to dance to your favorite song at home, do some home workouts, etc. And if you are not sure how to do this, there are thousands of videos online which can help you with your home workouts.

how to stay calm during COVID-19 quarantine

2. Meditate:

This might sound like a new/difficult task for most of us. But meditating every day for a certain amount of time depending on our age has a very positive effect on our mind and body. If you are new to meditation, there are online training videos that can help you out.

how to stay calm during COVID-19 quarantine

3. Don't believe everything you read online:

Since the beginning of the outbreak, there were a lot of misconceptions about the whole situation that spread like wildfire online. We suggest you follow only the reliable sources of information about the entire situation such as WHO. 

how to stay calm during COVID-19 quarantine

4. Work on your hobbies:

We all have different hobbies - most of them we haven't touched for a very long time due to our busy schedules. There is no better time to work on such hobbies of ours, which can divert our minds and calm us. 

how to stay calm during COVID-19 quarantine

5. 'Netflix and chill':

Watch something upbeat. Be it a movie or a web series, watch something that is fun and takes your mind off an epidemic. Don't go for critically acclaimed shows that tend to be depressing or stressful. Watch something fun.

how to stay calm during COVID-19 quarantine

6. Cook:

If there is any time to unleash the Masterchef in you, now is the time. It is safe to cook and eat at home. In this self-imposed isolation, cooking can be an act of self-care. Bake some muffins. Ask your partner/family for their feedback. Don't feel bad when the input is not so great! (Just kidding).

how to stay calm during COVID-19 quarantine

7. Learn something new:

Start learning a new skill that you can add to your resume. There are countless sources online to teach whatever you want to learn. Be it coding or graphic design, learn something new. It will keep your mind occupied, not leaving room for anxiety.

how to stay calm during COVID-19 quarantine

These are a few tips to take care of your mind in this stressful time. Apart from that, talk to the people close to you, facetime your friends, chat with your co-workers, tell them what you are doing, know what they are doing. This time is crucial for the entire world. Remember that you are not alone in this.

Stay home. Stay safe.

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