5 Foods to Instantly Boost Your Mood

5 Foods to Instantly Boost Your Mood

We all have our stressful days, low times in our lives. And whenever we're feeling low, having tasty and unhealthy foods is an escape way or a mood-brightening technique for the majority of us. All we want is to settle into the couch with a jar of ice cream and our favorite sugary snacks. But, you do realize that this so-called "tasty food" often leaves us feeling bloated, even though they help us brighten up our mood. So, the next time you want to brighten up your mood, prep these healthy foods that'll make you feel a lot better and will amp up your glow game too.

1. Green Tea:

All the weight loss advertisements these days don't miss out on this food. While this technically isn’t a food, we had to include a mood-boosting drink for when you’re feeling thirsty, and green tea is the bomb. Research says that drinking green tea daily in the morning helps boost up your metabolism and help you in your weight loss or staying fit process. Green Tea is a rich source in amino acids, which will help you relax and maintain a calm energy.

2. Brown Rice:

How about some fried rice on a bad Monday night? Yummy right! Why not try it with Brown rice?! Trade-in white sugary carbs for whole grains and your mind and body will seriously thank you. While white carbs like rice and noodles make you feel bloated, whole grains like quinoa, brown or wild rice makes you feel full and give you a boost. Brown Rice is an important source of B vitamins, which are essential for brain health which in turn leads to a happy, cheerful mood.

3. Eggs:

Scared of extreme heat and UV rays? But are you worried about the vitamin D level in you? The good news is you can eat vitamin D by including foods like salmon, eggs, and cheese in your diet. Vitamin D increases your levels of serotonin, the hormone responsible for your mood. Research also suggests that vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for depression in older adults. So why not add it into your diet and cheer up yourself.

4. Dark Chocolate:

Who doesn't love chocolate? It has been our favorite food since our childhood. No mood-enhancing grocery list would be complete without chocolate. Firstly, it’s delicious, and secondly (and scientifically), it contains endorphins that are re-released when you fall in love. Just make sure you don’t overload on chocolate, and if you like the slightly bitter taste, opt for dark chocolate rather than milk.

5. Bananas:

This is one of the main foods in any fitness diet. Studies discovered that high potassium, low sodium diets had a positive impact on mood. One banana consists of 450 mg of potassium. So, due to their high potassium levels, they’re also a great natural relief for period pains, which is an added bonus. They’re also rich in vitamin B6, which helps your body produce the happy hormone, serotonin.


So the next time you feel "Ughhh", rush into your kitchen, prep these healthy foods that'll make you feel a whole lot better.