4 Hair Care resolutions to make in the Quarantine

For a lot of people, proper grooming means regular trips to the salon or hair spa to take care of their hair. While it is true, in this time of quarantine, due to Covid19, no one is willing to see anyone. So the question of going to a salon and getting your hair done doesn't even exist. But we have a few tips that can help you even when we are free from the quarantine. By tweaking or adding some steps to your daily hair care routine, you can make your hair look like you just stepped out of a salon.

1. Try Temporary Colors Rather than Permanent

It can be a nightmare to experiment with permanent color, only to have it turn out not as expected. In addition to being a healthier choice for your hair, temporary hair colors wash out in a matter of washes, so there is no big commitment on your part. Temporary hair dyes often lack the harsh chemicals of the permanent kind, so it is healthier for your hair and scalp, and there is no need to leave a window open.

hair care resolutions for quarantine

2. Wear Your Hair Loose

Wearing your hair in an updo does keep it out of your face, allowing you to focus on tasks, but tying it up too tight can put undue stress on your hair and scalp, leading to unsightly breakage. You can prevent this by wearing your hair loose or in a low bun or ponytail. Hair Care can be a good looking thing, too.

hair care resolutions for quarantine

3. Eat Healthy Foods

Just like the adage says, "Beauty comes from within," when it comes to your hair, natural hair especially, that seems to be true. Hair is a protein-rich part of the body, so a diet full of iron-rich foods like leafy green vegetables can help your hair look healthier and stronger. 

hair care resolutions for quarantine

4. Apply a Hair Mask Regularly

Hair masks are not only to be found in deeply restorative salon treatments, but you can buy DIY hair mask kits from a drugstore, and you can set up a home spa experience where you regularly treat your hair to a little bit of TLC.

hair care resolutions for quarantine

During this pandemic, when we are advised to stay in quarantine, making your home a place where you can perform hair care, a hair spa, is essential for managing self-care. All it takes is a good hair day to make a person feel more normal. Why can't every day be a good hair day?

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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